Dermal Peels

Remove blemishes, scars & fine lines to reveal youthful, smooth, clear skin…

At Cosmeticology, we have a range of Dermal Peel treatments to visibly reduce the appearance of open pores, target blemishes, acne and pigmentation, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, to reveal fresher, clearer, more youthful looking skin.

What are dermal peels?

Dermal peels (also called Chemical Skin Peels) are acids of varying strength which work by removing layers of the skin.

Lower strength peels work on the top layer of the skin known as the epidermis whilst stronger chemical peels work on the deeper layer called the dermis.

At Cosmeticology, the strengths of our chemical peels range from 20% to 70% and our range includes: Rejuvenating Glycolic Peels (20%), Brightening Peels (30%) and Clarifying Neostrata Peels (30%).

For deeper peels, our Deep Peel Treatment programmes work gradually towards stronger chemical peels, over a defined period of time, to ensure your skin is kept safe and healthy at all times.

Can I have a dermal peel?

Your suitability for chemical skin peel treatment will be assessed by our resident surgeon.

Although most people are suitable, there are exceptions such as those with active acne, actively inflamed skin, sensitivity to any of the ingredients or women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

As treatment results and eligibility may vary, please call us on: 020 7164 6896 to discuss your treatment with a member of the Cosmeticology team.

What to Expect:

What are the benefits of dermal peels?

At Cosmetology, we use a highly effective, superficial chemical peel system, used by medical professionals.

This system allows us to tailor design treatment programs to specifically meet the individual skincare needs of each of our clients, addressing a variety of conditions including:

Fine lines

Pigmentation irregularities


Photo-aged skin

Cosmeticology - Cosmetic Treatments
Cosmeticology - Cosmetic Treatments

Pre-peel regime

The Pre-Peel Regime ensures that your skin on the day of the procedure, is adequately prepared and you experience the full benefit of your treatment.

Your will be given a Pre-Peel Face Treatment Wash to use for a period of time prior to your chemical peel.

This specially created wash prepares your skin for the acidic nature of the chemical peel. The wash will be provided on the day of your consultation, upon booking your chemical skin peel treatment.

After the procedure

The chemical peel will be deactivated before applying a quality sun screen to protect your newly refreshed skin.

You must ensure that you adhere to a daily regime of sun screen application to allow for continued protection and prevention of sun damage to maximise your results before your next treatment.

Repeat skin peel treatments can usually be undertaken every 6 weeks. This is to ensure that scars, fine lines and skin blemishes are continually and gradually faded out, giving you a flawless complexion.


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Cosmeticology - Cosmetic Treatments

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