Anti-Sweating Injections

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At Cosmeticology, our Anti-Sweating injections offer a quick and convenient way to maintain a fresh and dry appearance at all times.

What are anti-sweating injections?

Excess sweating, known medically as ‘hyperhidrosis’, is a condition where excessive sweat is produced, typically in the underarm region.

Many people find that this happens on a daily basis despite using anti-perspirant.

Anti-sweating injections are administered to the underarm/armpit region to prevent sweat production, enabling you to remain fresh, comfortable and confident.

This underarm sweating treatment is designed to stop sweat production and keep the region dry, which is especially useful during those important events or generally, during day to day activities.

What are the benefits of anti-sweating injections?

Our Anti-Sweating injections will keep your underarms dry for up to nine months and reduce both sweat production and unwanted odours caused from sweat building up in this region.

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